New Music: Vincent Littlehat – Being To The Beat

  • New Music: Vincent Littlehat - Being To The Beat

A track that seems as much a fashion statement as a musical one, Being To The Beat by model, musician and general creative force Vincent Littlehat manages to be both catchy and quirky in equal measure. Watch the official video and bee (pun intended) enchanted.

With its tricky take on a nursery style rhythm, there’s a naïve surface to the song, the lyrics dappling the arrangement like sunlight on a pebble-strewn stream.

Repeated listens indicate there’s more to the lyrics, something a bit darker, as if underneath a peaceful surface the true nature of a being will come out eventually as she sings:

I make no noise, I’m hassle free
You don’t notice me when I drink your tea
I won’t sting you on your knee
I try my best to peaceful behave
As peaceful as a bee can be

The pedal steel guitar and sparse production by Patrick Hargon lend the song a slightly disturbing but ultimately dreamlike air, making you lose yourself in the magic of the bewitching sounds and vocals.

Being To The Beat is out now on Spotify, you can explore her world of music, modelling and more on Tumblr and Instagram.

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