Chicago’s Walking Bicycles celebrate their 15th year by being as musically surefooted and wilfully non-mainstream as possible on Fat Cat from their upcoming album Chooch. Their tagline is “Cult classic not best-seller” after all!

The quartet – Jocelyn Summers (vocals), Julius Moriarty (guitar), Jason Leather (bass) and Deric Criss (drums) – strike a doomy yet melodic tone on Fat Cat, Scandinavian angst meeting an American ‘screw you’ attitude with considerable vigour and verve.

Hints of early British indie and later Seattle grunge percolate periodically amidst all the swagger, introducing the occasional sense of emotional uncertainty, adding to a complexity that lies underneath the brash exterior.

It’s a very confident and successful return for the band after five years since their last release.

Chooch is the band’s fourth album. It’ll be released April 26th via Highwheel Records and is up for pre-order now on Bandcamp. It’ll be available in a limited edition 180-gram vinyl gatefold pressing as well as in digital and streaming formats.

Photo by Cassandra Bialek