With their more muscular, bruising take on the dreamlike tones of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, Newcastle’s Waves of Dread add some welcome brawn to a more cerebral sound on recent single Lay.

There’s a bit of a 90s vibe to the track, with an intro that puts you in mind of early Cranberries (before life changed their sound). But that lightness soon gives way to a tough, swirling tone, a retro organ and hauntingly removed vocals lending it a disorienting air.

Describing a song as ‘solid’ can sometimes be perceived to be a criticism, but here it’s a virtue: that grounded sense is what keeps Lay from floating off in to abstraction, something this most inward-looking of genres can be easily suffer with.

The band say their second gig was supporting Brazilian psych rock legends Os Mutantes – on the evidence of this track, I bet they held heir own.

Lay is out now as part of the band’s self-titled seven track EP. It’s available on Bandcamp and can be streamed on Spotify as well as all major digital outlets. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts to find out more. They do a nice t-shirt as well!