New Music: Westerns – Golden State

  • New Music: Westerns - Golden State

Westerns is a multi-disciplinary project founded by producer and songwriter Josh Meer, who uses the phrase ‘big sounds from Californian dreams’ as a handy summation of his artistic driving force. He’s described his new single Golden State as an anthem for his hometown of San Francisco. Check it out.

Retelling his love for his home tome town through a series of images painted by simple words, from his father smoking to watching the ocean waves, the quiet hymn creates a vivid picture of the city and what it was like to grow up there.

The track moves along in a steadily majestic manner, rolling percussion allying with banks of synths and Meer’s rich vocal tones giving the track an almost nostalgic feel, like a song for a much-loved sports team long faded in to history.

Meer says he wrote Golden State as an anthem for his hometown of San Francisco. In order to capture the unique experience of growing up in the city, Meer combined sounds recorded both during his time in San Francisco itself, and while living in New York, reflecting on his experience of San Francisco throughout childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.

“Each phase of my life here has had its own arc, and I wanted to write a song combining all of that. I had never written a song about my adventures growing up in the city.” Meer added. Golden State is out now and you can check listen to the track on Spotify and iTunes.

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