Ice In The Desert by Toronto based Calcedon is a wonderfully evocative slice of experimental electronic that nevertheless succeeds to reach out to the listener and engaging with them. Watch the David Schuurman directed video to find out more.

Calcedon describes the track as being ‘a song of doubt and perhaps even horror’. That’s something you can pick up from the ominous feel to the arrangement, and the strings which are at times stirring, at other times invoking a sense of approaching menace.

The vocals carry within them memories of European folk – think Aurora and Myrkyr – with hints of church music from the Middle Ages in the vocal melody adding yet another layer of meaning to the track. Like a hymn to the upcoming post-industrial age, it serves as both metaphor and warning as to where the world may be heading.

Calcedon’s Ice In The Desert is out now, to find details on how to stream and download the song, as well as news on upcoming live dates, check out Calcedon’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook socials.

Photo by Amanda Montgomery