New Music: Cathedrals – Behave

  • New Music: Cathedrals - Behave

Cathedrals list Swedish pop, nineties trip-hop, indie, dreamwave and pitch-black trap among their influences. The art is in the blending – like a good whiskey – and with Behave, the duo has struck gold.

Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin, who met at San Francisco artist collective The SUB, deliver a track that drips with sophistication and flair. It’s synthpop, but with an air of poise and grace, eschewing the obvious melodies and hooks to create a song that luxuriates in its dense, finely woven synth patterns and sensual vocals.

Behave is out now and can be downloaded for free via the band’s Soundcloud page. It’s also available to stream on Spotify and other digital platforms.

Soundcloud are supporting Behave as part of their #SCFIRST campaign, which showcases artists who got their start on the platform.

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