Swedish electro-rockers Diskopunk seem to have their tongues in their cheeks on new single Scooter Gang. Think Bloodhound Gang meets Hanoi Rocks on this exploration of the ‘dark and mystic society of scooter gangs.’

There’s certainly a joyfully sleazy, glam quality to the track – seeing as how it incorporates some classic riffs, disco beats and cowbell (more cowbell!) that’s to be expected. But the song also has an element of fun and danger to it, as the track veers from the dancefloor to the rock bar and back with real élan. Scooter Gang will be a great addition to any party soundtrack where the beer is going to flow!

The band had this to say about the hilarious video for the song: “Through a friend of a friend we came in contact with renowned wrestler Cliff Pettersson. We managed to get Cliff and his fist-fight-companion Johny Flash in the ring for a duel. No rules. No decency. No nonsense. But boy they woke the beast and tasted the venom…”

Diskopunk’s Scooter Gang is out now on Spotify. To find out more about Diskopunk, the track and upcoming live dates and releases, check out their social media including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.