American Fior Parie plays about with some classic American rock n roll tropes on her new track Charlotte Sometimes Always. Check it out below to discover her deliciously skewed take on alt.rock and Americana.

It’s a song that seems born in a place where country and rock are close cousins, hanging out together with the weird kids from school. The lyrics and vocal melody take those musical elements and reinvent them, adding delicate shades of dreampop and No Wave to give the song a moody but brooding edge. Steering the track away from dwelling in the darkness are Fior Parie’s vocals: light as candy floss but as sharp as a knife, her subtle delivery surprisingly firm in the way it captures your complete attention.

Charlotte Sometimes Always is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Apple Music. Head over to Facebook or Instagram to find out more about Fior Parie, the song, upcoming live dates and more.