Hailing from Kassel in Germany, duo Fye & Fennek made a real impression with previous release Places, with nearly half a million streams on Spotify alone. They’ll repeat that success with surprise new track Clouds – check it out below.

There’s a raw and uncompromising sensuality to Clouds – it has an air of intimidating confidence and a tightly coiled and controlled air of menace and desire pervades every beat, every note.

Pulsating and primal, it’s a song for lovers, those for whom the mixed emotions of love and lust add to the heightened, hyperaware emotions of the moment.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song’s sound and lyrics, the band say: “The sound is deep like a heartbeat at night… it’s a lot about sexual attraction or being caged by the thought of someone. But at the same time, these thoughts are like clouds- unclear and changing as quickly as they arise.”

The band are currently prepping for a new album due out in July, to be preceded by another single called Miles Davis.

Photo by Simon Hegenberg