Fans of Mr Kitty and Shiny Toy Guns will fall in love with Australian Goo Munday’s Start a Fire. as its pounding beats and harsh vocals pummel their senses and emotions – check out the video below.

The track comes from her soon to be released album 9 Lives, which comes out March 15th via Negative Gain and is a bruising confection of electronic energy, punk attitude interspersed with some instantaneous pop hooks.

That package is all wrapped up in an edgy and at times overwhelming layers of emotion and passion, making for a real joyride of a song.

It actually feels like a love song for the BDSM set, grimy yet shiny, sonically raw but with a real sense of sophistication to it, as lush as it is latex-tight, pleasurable pain hitting listener with every scream, every drum beat and every second.

Rather fitting for a track that was released on Valentine’s Day!

You can pre-order the album in digital and compact disc formats via the Goo Munday Bandcamp page, whilst the track is already streaming on Spotify. The album also features the track Rebirth which is a collaboration with Bradford’s wonderful Sidewalks and Skeletons.