Based in Austin, the home of SXSW, musician Kae Astra has brews up a deceivingly subtle potion on her new single Medicate. The song will feature on her upcoming Fortune EP which will be released by Modern Outsider.

Possessing an unusual Scandinavian by way of the American bayou sound, it’s certainly a strongly distinctive piece with its ambience born of summer daydreams and lost afternoons. The ghosts of 50s girl group ballads reverberate through Medicate, with Astra’s vocals are the prime mover on that score.

As she sings, it’s like she glides over the arrangement, capturing heartache and eroticism in equal measure. Lending the song an feeling of everyday melodrama, along with that subtle tremble in her voice adding ever more emotion to the heightened arrangement, it’s a real heartbreak high of a tune.

Kae Astra’s Medicate is out now to stream or download on all major platforms. For more news about the track, as well as further releases, check out Astra’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.