New Music: knifesex – Sex & Death

Hailing from New York, knifesex is the solo musical project of DJ, producer and radio presenter Vanessa Irena. Following up on her first EP, Deipna, which was released on the OWLs label earlier this year, knifessex has dropped a taster for her new album in the form of new track called Sex & Death. Check out its majestic darkness below!

I found it hard to come up with a musical frame of reference for Sex & Death – there’s superficial hints of trip-hop and Industrial in terms of the overall tone of the track, but it has a throbbing ambient aura about it. The arrangement creates an odd sense of security, with the lyrics invoking the notion that Sex & Death is a pagan lullaby for the 21st century.

As well as producing music, knifesex is also the founder of Hathor, a collective of female solo electronic producers, and the co-founder of New Jack Witch, a collective of urban witchcraft practitioners.

She describes her music is being heavily influenced by feminism and spirituality, specifically witchcraft and the occult. Her work is primarily devotional and serves as both a form of ritual purification and a vehicle for ecstatic dance

Sex & Death is out now and features on the current knifesex album Babalon – the name is a reference to the goddess mentioned in the Book of Revelations –  which is out now via 3t3rnal Records and can be found on Spotify and all other digital outlets.  You can explore the other projects of Vanessa Irena via the official knifesex website.

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