Back in November, we featured Good Girls Do Bad Things from Glasgow’s Lucia & The Best Boys. They’re back with City Of Angels, another slice of invigorating electro-rock with also features on the band’s Eternity EP.

With a sound reminiscent of 80s pop/rock, the song has a very immediate and uplifting feel as its driving, pounding approach pays dividends. Sounding right for a movie montage or a celebration of life itself, Lucia Fairfull’s vocals carrying a similar tone and energy to Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar, and she acquits herself flawlessly in such exalted company.

Vocalist Lucia had this to say about the track: “City of Angels is for anyone who has ever felt unaccepted in society and trapped in a mindset of anxiety. People are constantly judging themselves, others, and comparing the two, which is now intensified by social media. The point is that we do not live in a world full of perfect people (A city of Angels), everyone is entitled to originality, flaws, and no one should feel the need to suppress their personality for the sake of someone else, who probably has also felt the same way. ”

City Of Angels and the Eternity EP by Lucia & The Best Boys are out now. The band has some UK live dates lined up in February and March, so check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out more.  We’ll be catching them at Yes in Manchester!

Photo by Ronan Park