New Music: Molteno – Ocean

  • New Music: Molteno - Ocean

Londoner MOLTENO came up to Manchester to work on new material with Hans Engstrom and Jan Oldaeus at Hope Mill Studios and we think you’ll like the results – check out Ocean for an early sample.

It’s an intoxicating mix, chilled trip hop beats overlaid with a more organic, electronica and folk infused melody creating the sensation of floating on a still ocean, with only your own thoughts and the gentle lapping of the waves for company.

MOLTENO’s vocals evoke comparisons with the stripped-down emotion of ionnalee and the subtle drama of Amy Lee, all captured within her own unique and expressive voice, reminiscent of the mythical sea sirens, rendering the listener at risk of getting lost in reverie after just one listen.

Ocean is out now on Spotify and is also available on all major digital platforms. MOLTENO has some live appearances coming up in the next few months, you can find out more about them on her Facebook page.

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