Berlin based New Zealander Murmur Tooth (aka Leah Hinton) delves in to some timeless sounds and scenes on her new track Memory – a perfectly formed neo-gothic jewel.

There’s a raw emotion to the lyrics, akin to the likes of Cave or Brel in their gut wrenchingly realistic take on the human psyche.

Violence and love are present in equal measure, duelling with a brass section that comes across like a mariachi band approaching the last song of the night – joy and ending mixed with the knowledge of what comes afterwards.

Within that maelstrom of angst and anger, there’s a sweeping melody to lull the listener and soften the blow, but as it soothes it also seethes, fire in its eyes and beer in its belly.

Memory is also available on Spotify, you can find out more about Murmur Tooth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.