Texas-born and Jersey Shore-raised, singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan has worked with artists like Britney Spears and The Chainsmokers over the years. Along the way she has produced and released her own pop gems, like the delectable ICIMY.

ICIMY echoes some of the classic pop-rock tracks of the 80s, carrying the same agency and urgency as tracks by the likes of Belinda Carlisle. It’s not a retro affair though: operating in similar emotional and musical territory to acts like CHVRCHES and Pale Waves, as well as her cited influence of Sufjan Stevens, the song is bubbly and bright, and with the catchiest heartbreak chorus you’ll have heard for some time.

Ryan says about the musical inspiration for ICIMY: “I was interested in channelling elements of Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz for the album. The soundscape and the glitchy-smooth instrumentation has always stuck with me since I first heard it. I remember really wanting to tap into that for this record, and when we were working on ICIMY, I felt that spark. The electronic snap and crunch of the drums, the soft yet booming chords of the piano, all driven by a plucking guitar… somehow it reminded me of what I love about Sufjan’s work.”

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