New Music: Polysonic Bloom – Telewarped Loops

Californian Kyle McKay is Polysonic Bloom, a project that references the likes of Explosions In the Sky, Ian Brown, and Radiohead as artistic inspirations. Partly for health reasons, the latest album took four years to record and produce, McKay says the track and accompanying album are ‘a quest to blend contemporary visual art with intimate bedroom gospels’. Check out the trippy video for Telewarped Loops and see what you think.

Telewarped Loops takes the kind of driving, rhythmic intensity we associate with guitar-oriented bands like My Bloody Valentine and the aforementioned Explosions In the Sky but rewrites its musical DNA, giving it an electronic sheen and motorik beat underneath layers of digital emotion.

The result is a track that sits somewhere between shoegaze, drone and ambient but feels whole, and much more than the sum of its parts.

Telewarped Loops will feature on the McKay’s upcoming Moonflower album, which he calls ‘a frosty electronica dreamsicle’ – you can find out more about release dates, streaming and all that stuff via the official website.

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