With its lush, emotive vocals and quietly entrancing melody, Your Bones from Pursued By Dogs is from a totally different, but just as addictive universe musically as the new wave of poetic post-punk that’s currently coming out of Dublin. Listen to find out what we mean.

It does have a commonality with early 80s musical movements in the employs soaring new wave and post-punk tones in the arrangement and vocals. But those elements are channelled through a more electronic and wistful ambience, which is allied with a quietly engaging rhythm, Hot Chip and U2 are two very different bands sonically, yet they’re very much conceptual bedfellows for Your Bones in terms of the ambience and emotional intsensity expressed here. But the best compliment I can pay the track is that if you like the dreamy abstractness of Vessels and Teeth of the Sea, Your Bones is very much for you.

Your Bones is out now. You can also stream the track on Spotify, for information on other streaming and downloading options head on over to the band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.