Safetalk are a European electronic trio comprised of two Parisian producers (Thomas and Hugues) and a Berlin-based, British singer (David). Their smooth sound manages interesting and intriguing twists and turns, something very evident on Layback.

The track sees David Harks push his vocals in new directions. He’s always had a sweet and honied quality to his voice, but here his range takes on lighter and darker tones to fit the mood of the arrangement. The melody and arrangement bring to mind the likes of Daft Punk and Empire of the Sun, with the way it allies pop nous with some dreamy but unconventional tones, giving the listener a short escape from the daily grind.

Layback out now on the band’s own label, streaming on Spotify as well as all major digital outlets – you can find out more here. For more information on new music and more from Safetalk, be sure to throw them a follow on their social media including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.