Fighting is the third single from Shook’s forthcoming album Music for City and Nature. Following hot on the heels of Mind Up, the song is another slice of perfect electronic pop.

With nods to early 80s electronic maestros Yellow Magic Orchestra, Fighting has a delightfully retro feel to it at times. The vocoder-infused vocals add to that sense of harking back to times past, but the arrangement has a very fresh feel for all that. The positivity to the lyrics along with the warm vocal and musical hooks is bound to bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step, such is the infectious nature of the song.

Shook had this to say about the LP: “In this album, I tried to document my emotional and mental state at this point in my career. It is inspired by the conflict between the energetic and busy city life and the calm, warmth and peace that nature gives. It isn’t a city ‘versus’ nature album though, it is about daily life existing in a grey area in between. I try to find a balance by connecting both sides. We can build a future in the city, but we must not forget that nature is our future. With my song Fighting, I tried to make the ultimate motivational song to push through towards what you want, and to never give up!”

Fighting is out now and Music for City and Nature is up for pre-order on Bandcamp. Check out Shook’s Facebook and Instagram socials for news on the album, including a vinyl version.