With her new single Course of Life, Israeli artist Silona has channelled some negative experiences to create a beautiful piece of music. Have a listen to the song below to discover how dark became light through music.

The song is an entrancing yet disconcerting experience, feeling at times like a love song despite the stark nature of the lyrics. The brooding melody, light touches to the arrangement and hauntingly delicate vocals add to that sensation.

But there’s also an underlying air of positivity that gives the track an inner strength and an avenue to connect with the listener. Maybe it is a love song after all, about loving oneself, and learning how to do that whilst overcoming some difficult life events.

Silona’s Course of Life is out now and  you can get details on how to stream and download the song here. For news on upcoming live dates and new music, be sure to check out Silona’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.