Tel Aviv based Silona takes the essence of dreampop and 60s girl pop and delivers a light, tasty confection on Learning How to Fly. Check it out below.

There’s some musical similarities with the work of bands like Saint Etienne and Dubstar, as Learning How to Fly harks back to classic music genres: you can feel 60s/70s French and British pop entwined within the track’s very being, but lyrically it’s modern and reflective in a way that only a current track can be.

Feeling both bright and melancholy, the positivity of the lyrics contrast with the more wistful air of the vocals, as if to hide something more painful, more personal.

You can catch up with Learning How to Fly  as well as more of Silona’s music on Spotify and Soundcloud. For more background and information on Silona and her music, be sure to keep up with her on Facebook.