Norwegian/English duo TGC (The Green Children) have taken their trademark sublime ambient-infused sound and reworked it to stunning effect on Echo. Check out the track below.

Milla Sunde’s vocals really take flight here, revealing some intriguing RNB and Arabic influences in the vocal performance. There’s always been a warm and intimate quality to her voice, but Echo showcases her more adult, carefree undertones. They effortlessly give a sensual twist to the overall ambient feel to the arrangement, adding a hint of danger and delight to the song.

Echo is out now and for details on streaming or downloading the song, why not follow them over on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram account? You can also keep up to date there with news about new music, upcoming third album, and much more from TGC.

Echo is also streaming on Spotify as a double A-side single along with another new song, Bad Side.