New Music: The Green Children – ECG

  • New Music: The Green Children - ECG

Norwegian/English duo TGC (The Green Children) are best known for their single Dreamers, but the ambient euphoria of their latest release ECG is sure to surpass the former’s reception.

Carrying the imprint of their trademark sound, ECG takes the seductive swagger of American RNB and sifts out the musical and lyrical clichés, instead imbuing the track with layers of Scandi-inspired soft tones and a relaxed rhythm reminiscent of ethnic downtempo pioneers Enigma and Enya.

There’s plenty of vocal and musical hooks in the mix, but rather they chose to overwhelm the listener with passion and kindness, rather than raw force. It’s a love song, purely and unashamedly, and as the emotional abandon and surrender of the lyrics take hold it would be silly indeed to resist.

ECG is out now on Spotify and iTunes, for more information on the track be sure to check out the bands’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!

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