Inside The Rose is a moody and magnificent taster for the upcoming album of the same name by Berlin/London based masters of electronica These New Puritans (once again made up of original duo,  brothers Jack and George Barnett). Check out the slightly NSFW video below.

They’ve always been a difficult band to categorise, as well as being one it’s folly to ignore; something Inside The Rose proves with considerable aplomb. The mournful vocals duet with a brooding piano, as both intertwine with lush rhythms and patterns that would be equally at home in classical or ambient pieces as much as they are of this slice of art-house electro-rock perfection.

Soothing at times, but with enough of an underlying edge to intrigue the listener, Inside The Rose shows the wait for new material from These New Puritans has been well worth it.

Band member Jack had this to say about the themes and motivations behind the tracks that make up the new album: “The songs are about beauty, transcendence, desire, oblivion, ecstasy and eyes,” says Jack.  “I want to go beyond myself and my time. That’s the art I like. Whether it’s Francis Bacon or William Blake. You fail, inevitably, but that’s the challenge.”

The track is currently streaming on Spotify as part of the Anti-Gravity EP.

Inside The Rose the album is set for release on March 22nd 2019 and the band will be touring extensively on the back of it – including a gig in Manchester! More information on the gigs can be found here as well as on the band’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Photo by Harley Weir