New Music: Ahmond – Miracle Garden

Featuring vocals that invite comparisons with Anohni and David McAltmont, coupled with a creative spark comparable to Bowie at his most luxurious, Ahmond’s track Miracle Garden shows him to be a real treasure in the making. As Ahmond sings ‘Far below Roots cradle the corpse, Still breathing, You’ve buried all these ugly things, And now they’re seeds’ you can visualise through the words and the ache in his vocals that there is pain and beauty at play here in equal measure.

Los Angeles based Ahmond is a singer-songwriter / producer / composer / sound designer and you can feel the result of his range of skills and experience – he composed music for the HBO television show Rome and self-released two acoustic based albums before moving to Los Angeles and becoming an electronica producer – in every note of Miracle Garden.

In fact, it feels more like it’s been sculpted from solid gold than recorded in a studio, with Ahmond’s voice draped over the song like virgin silk. The track shows a marked move from his more folk influenced sound, but on the basis of Miracle Garden alone, Ahmond seems to have found his true voice.

Miracle Garden is out now and streaming on Soundcloud and will feature on the upcoming Out Fell The Spider album which is due out on 17th November, but some of the tracks can be previewed now – also over on Soundcloud.

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