California’s ASHRR – Steven Davis, Ethan Allen, and Josh Charles – have successful solo careers as singers, songwriters, and producers in their own right. Now, they’ve joined forces to explore the darker recesses of the Sunshine State, as you can hear on All Yours All Mine.

The lyrics are hard-hitting, punchy and very timely. Even as they reflect on some of the more dystopian elements of modern culture, the band reassures us that the real power lies with us if we choose to use it. The arrangement provides a suitably stirring backdrop, hints of Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan fizzing through the track like a Catherine Wheel, reinforcing the gravitas of the lyrics and vocals.

All Yours All Mine and Oscillator are out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and give them some social media love so you can keep up with news about the album, upcoming releases and more.

Photo by Jeff Fomey