New Music: Bokeh – Great Heights

Bokeh is the artistic alter-ego of New Zealand-raised, Berlin-based actress/musician Chloë Lewer and
Great Heights is the third single to be released from her Don’t Leave The Fire EP. Working with Dutch writer/producer Wouter Rentema – who was also in the rather wonderful Charity Children with Lewer – Bokeh has moved away from that band’s folk-infused sound but retained some of its spiritual essence as you can see and hear in the self-directed video for Great Heights.

The musical centre of the track is Lewer’s intimate and sincere vocal performance, which gives the track a light and vulnerable quality, as if born in mid-air. The epic production and layers of majestic synths add to the sense of otherworldliness of the track, whilst musical reference to 80’s pop and the more left field sounds of acts like Fever Ray combine to give the listener the sense of being in an uneasy daydream.

That fusion plays on in both the video, with its sense of beauty and loss, and the lyrics for Great Heights: ‘Some memories linger in our bloodstreams. Some memories dwell in our minds. Some memories rest in places. Some memories haunt us.’

Bokeh says it was the first song she wrote for the new project, but it feels so complete, so crafted that it creates a stunning musical calling card for Lewer and Bokeh.

Great Heights is out now, and is available via all the major digital platforms – check out the EP link in the first paragraph. For more information on Bokeh, be sure to check out her official website.

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