New Music: Bone Cult – Fortune and Sorrow

  • New Music: Bone Cult - Fortune and Sorrow

Bone Cult are Nottingham based duo Sam Hartill (bass, production) and Richard Watte (vocals, guitar, production) with a desire to offer a strong alternative to, in their own words, “the regular four guys in jeans and t-shirt look”, the band has since gained high-profile support slots with the likes of The Qemists, Slaves, Sleaford Mods and are definitely ones to watch.

Fortune and Sorrow is a hard track to write about – it’s a great song, there’s no denying that – with a wide array of influences from the dance floor to the circle pit – but so hard to put a label on. That’s something I imagine the band would be happy with!

The heavily effected vocals and electronic instrumentation used are firmly rooted in dance music sure, but it is all driven along by drums that wouldn’t be amiss on the rockiest of rock tracks. Lyrically it’s emotional and heartfelt for a dance track and puts me in mind of bands like AFI.

Bands can find it difficult to blend dance and rock into a cohesive sounds and Bone Cult have certainly been successful on that front, bringing a rock sensibility firmly to an electronic, dance oriented sound.

Fortune and Sorrow is released to stream on 12th December. You  can find out more about the band via their website.

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