New Music: Clann – Dark Angel

  • New Music: Clann - Dark Angel

Canadian artist CLANN (aka producer, artist, filmmaker and composer Sebastian McKinnon) knows how to weave a magical spell with sound, fitting for a project inspired by Celtic/British myths and legends in sound and in subject matter, as you can hear on the latest release, Dark Angel.

The track along with its parent album Seelie fuses the ancient, the mystic and the modern, as the rhythms and cadences of folk music are lovingly taken in hand and made in to something exciting and new. With musical nods to influences like Ludovico Einaudi, The Future Sound of London and Cocteau Twins, Dark Angel takes some ancient musical strands and weaves them in to something magical and innovative.

Though CLANN is primarily a solo project, McKinnon has worked with vocalist Charlotte Oleena and violinist Chloe Picard on the Seelie album, whilst it is also linked to the KIN Fables multi-media concept McKinnon created with his brother and business partner Benjamin.

CLANN says this about the motivation behind the track, album and the overarching KIN concept that includes the Seelie album: “Music is more than about making people feel – for us, it’s also about making them dream.

The songs we create inspire our visual film work, and the films themselves inspire us to create more music in turn. The art forms feed each other in a constant loop, creating a world we hope people will wish to fall into and explore. That’s the mission within the KIN Fables project.”

Dark Angel and the Seelie album are out now via House of Youth and you can find out more about how to stream and download the album here. You can find out more about CLANN via the official website.

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