New Music: Emerald Suspension – Hommage à La Porte

Hommage à La Porte is an original recording by Emerald Suspension, made in tribute to the composer Pierre Henry who passed away in July 2017.  The group say it’s a requiem to Henry and the piece includes sonic references to some of his early influential recordings while also serving as a solemn farewell.

Hommage à La Porte serves as a fine tribute to a pioneer of musique concrete, experimental, and electronic music, whilst also showing the even the most experimental of sounds can have a core of humanity and immediacy.

Concurrent with this release, Emerald Suspension also issued a cover version of Smelly Tongues and a corresponding music video in tribute to the Residents, who also laid the groundwork for new paths in experimental and electronic music.

The tracks make fine companion pieces to the band’s  Divination album which was released earlier this year. You can find out more about the band, releases and upcoming events via their website.

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