Hot Minute are an all-female synth-pop trio from Manchester, who describe their music as being 80’s inspired synth-pop with a modern twist and big hooks. Have a listen to Magic to hear how they carry this sound off with considerable ease.

The trio operate in a similar musical territory to fellow Mancunians Pale Waves and KOALAS, with the opening guitar channelling a light gothic soul ambience within a more vibrant and commercial sound. The vocals take a more classic pop meets RNB-infused stance, inviting the listener along on a lyrical and musical journey that is both firmly modern yet embodying much of the headstrong attitudes and diverse influences that meant classic Manchester bands had such a great impact on the national and international stage.

Frontwoman Keely Hutchinson says Magic embodies “taking the negative and flipping it on its head and to gain something positive”, a concept inspired by some of the difficult if not downright unpleasant experiences the band have had as women in music.

Magic is out now on all major digital platforms – click here to find out more.