Bury, UK quintet Hurray For Tuesday say their name comes from an obscure album found on keyboard player Sean Stott’s bookshelf. Obscurity is not something the group needs to worry about judging by Where the Wind Blows.

The band cites acts like Arcade Fire and Katrina and the Waves as influences, and that’s something you can pick up from the chart-friendly, upbeat demeanour of the song. But there’s also something very ‘Manchester’ about it, despite the band’s Bury background. It has that beautiful blend of the personal and the universal, a sense of having lived the lyrics. But also, it has that mix of individuality and ear for a good melody that seems almost unique to groups from here.

Keyboard player and songwriter Sean Stott describes the song as “a statement of intent for the band, not only in sound but also in lyrical themes. The sound of the song is finally one that we can call wholly unique and our own; although taking cues from the likes of Arcade Fire and even the Tornadoes, the full piece sounds nothing like anything else out there currently. The song also deals with themes that I don’t ever really see touched on in our current musical landscape, with themes of city life inducing anxiety and depression and providing a mantra to aid in doing anything to break out of the monotony of it all”.

You can catch up with Hurrah For Tuesday and find out more about how to listen to the song Where the Wind Blows over on Facebook and Instagram. The group’s highly anticipated headline gig at The Deaf Institute has been rescheduled to the 18th of July, keep an eye on their socials for more information.