The Swedish electro artist Icarus has teamed up with songwriter Tove Quick on his latest single Machine Heart. It’s a dark, synthwave-inspired track with banks of crystal clear synths and pounding rhythms melting under the fierce diva glow of Quick’s vocals. The end result Is a track than manages to be both edgy and catchy, as you can see in the cool glitchy video below!

Icarus describes his music as being heavily influenced by the retro wave genre and theme songs found in 80’s sci-fi movies combined with vocoder and talk box mixed vocals.

Additionally, he says each song is meant to use sound to visualize a story from the futuristic universe where he originates from, a place where ‘the line that separates human from machine is long gone’.

Machine Heart is out now, you can check the track out as well as other release by Icarus over on his Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For information on upcoming releases, but sure to check out his official website!