Back in December we may have fanboyed a bit about the release of imi’s debut single Born For What? and  it’s fair to say we’re equally impressed by the follow-up single Margins. Check it out below!

The real star of the show is imi’s voice – we’d said previously about how her vocals are a glorious melange of Kate Bush, Goldfrapp and Bjork but on Margins she blows those comparisons away. Soaring in to the heavens at times, her voice is rich and luxurious like royal velvet, at once ethereal and imperial as takes on almost operatic tones.

That’s not to say that the song or the arrangement are afterthoughts – there’s those krautrock tones for sure, but also the sense of a wider musical palate being brought in to play, nuances of Numan, dark electro and ambient giving Margins an effective and affecting bedrock from which imi’s vocal can take flight.

Margins is out now via Leeds based community label Bibliotek and is available on Spotify and iTunes and other digital outlets.  You can also follow imi on Instagram. She’ll be playing Leeds on 23rd March , so if you’re in the area, why not go see this star in the making.