Moscow’s IVATU take a novel but successful approach to darkwave, incorporating more leftfield, trip-hop and classical elements. Check out the trio’s video for latest single I’m Her below.

There’s a personal yet grand scale to the song, one bolstered by the doomy acoustic guitar, string sections and more abstract industrial samples. It’s like being in a secluded corner of some vast factory – scale and intimacy in harmony.

Eava Tuevskaya’s vocals have the range, tonal eclecticism and poetic leanings of Bjork, but combine that with softer, richer moments – ones almost operatic in timbre.

The song plays with the classic song structure, there’s no bridge/chorus/bridge rigidity here – and that adds to the haunting beauty of the piece.

You can stream I’m Her and the other track on the single, Strada on Bandcamp and Spotify.