Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, childhood friends Jordan White (lead vocals) and Brian Dellis (guitar) teamed up with bassist Bryan Dague to form Jane N’ The Jungle. Their new single Lucky 7 is sure to blow any lockdown cobwebs away. Listen to find out why.

Lucky 7 is a song that takes no prisoners, going all-out right from the start to overpower the listener with its sense of fun and unbridled energy. As unusual as it may sound, the nearest musical reference points for me are Within Temptation and The Distillers. That’s mainly attributable to White’s performance, as she embodies the angelic power of Sharon den Adel and the raw and unfiltered emotion of Brody Dalle into a singular, signature style. It’s a neat fusion her bandmates echo with real skill, creating a wall of noise that is gritty and expansive.

Jordan White says about the song, “Lucky 7 was written about a night the band had while playing a show in Las Vegas and hanging out at Longhorn Casino in East Vegas. It’s a free-spirited song that captures one of the band’s favorite memories.”

You can discover more about Jane N’ The Jungle and their music over on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. You can stream Lucky 7 on Apple Music, Spotify, and other services – follow this link for details.