Josephine Wiggs is best known to many as bassist in The Breeders, and to others that know their musical history as a member of cult indie legends The Perfect Disaster. She’s also pursued a solo career, which has lent itself to some surprising (to me) and pleasant musical excursions, such as on Time Does Not Bring Relief from her upcoming album We Fall.

Whilst those two bands cement her place in rock history, and even with her other work having more cinematic or ambient tones, the more experimental endeavours present on Time Does Not Bring Relief certainly show here talents lie over a broader musical canvas.

The piece references the work of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, managing to be both lush and minimal in its classical and electronic tones. With a slight dissonant tone at times, the piano lends an air of subtle menace to the track, creating the sense of it being the calm before the storm, or maybe, as the title might imply, dwelling in its aftermath.

The acoustic guitar and percussion give the track an aura of movement even as the more minimal and rhythmic elements keep it centred, adding again to that sense of dislocation – physical and psychological.

We Fall will be released via Sound of Sinners on May 17th 2019 – you can pre-order the album on Bandcamp. You can also find out more about the album and Wigg’s other work on Twitter and Instagram.