JUPITER-C have been active for a few years now, and  with the new EP which features the track Critical Mass it’s fair to say that the UK duo comprised of  Ashiya Eastwood (vocals and electronics) and David Kane (guitar and electronics) have perfected a sound that deserves to be heard more widely. Check out the title track here.

It’s an ominous, menacing number with pseudo-martial drums , swirling guitars and a throbbing electronic bass creating a disconcerting and almost smothering sound. It has to be said that the song owes a debt to shoegaze and dark wave, but on Critical Mass and the rest of the accompanying EP, Jupiter-C manage to create an aura of detached coolness that most bands in either of those genres would struggle to achieve.

Think Slowdive to a funereal disco beat and that would be a rough guide to the musical land inhabited by Critical Mass and the 001 EP which as added bonuses features remixes by Clint Mansell and East India Youth.

I highly recommend it.