Kids At Midnight is the musical project of Australian singer-songwriter and producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley. Previously more indie-oriented in her music, she says the addition of Ableton to her repertoire has led to a shift in her sound, as you can hear on Gravity.

The song, which features on her All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love album, takes the best of synthpop – think CHVRCHES or Parallels, and marries that to a richly textured, hushed and almost Gothic vocal performance. Her track Boys Like You featured in the US Netflix teen series Never Have I Ever and it’s easy to imagine that Gravity, which certainly knows how to encapsulate a mood and moment, could easily ensnare networks and romantics in its moody web.

Kids At Midnight’s debut album All I Ever Wanted Was Your Love is out now. Head over to her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials to find information on how to download or stream the album.