We featured Laveda not so long ago with the shimmering shoegaze majesty of their track Ghost. The New York based duo are back again with another shoegaze-oriented gem of a song. Watch the video for L below to find out more.

The stripped-down opening – sparse vocals and a reverberating bass line – seem to be setting the track up to be a post-punk meditation on emotion, which it is, to an extent. But soon enough, the natural warmth of both vocal performances shines through, as the arrangement exposes the lightest slivers of dreampop and shoegaze. Mesmerising and moving both in the lyrics and its reverie-inducing ambiance, L shows that Laveda are bringing new life to these long-established genres.

The duo had this to say about the track: “We intended this song to be more about what it makes you feel, rather than having an actual meaning. I wanted to reflect my generation’s approach to love, one where sex is scarily available with just a few taps on your phone, and it’s cooler not to give a shit then actually be vulnerable. I think most young people really do want to be loved properly. This fashionable idea that love shouldn’t be fragile or imperfect and how it’s seen as a weakness by many is extremely damaging and makes life that much more difficult to maneuver through.”

You can catch up with Laveda over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as finding more listening options for L. to The song will feature on the duo’s upcoming album What Happens After, which you can pre-order in limited-edition vinyl via Bandcamp.