Cook & Stans (yes, the name is from Monkey Island!) are two German producers from Freiburg who say they don’t like to tie themselves down to one musical style or sound. The genre-bending on Solace, which features vocals from Lucy Dalton, shows that’s an excellent decision.

Operating at the more commercial, if not poppy end of Eurotrance, nevertheless the track has a rather moody, almost downbeat opening. From there, the arrangement’s slow build and Lucy Dalton’s sublime vocals and insightful, eventually romantic lyrics bring light to the track, like the sun rising after a dark and starless night.

Solace is out now, with the track and a remix by VIP also available on Beatport and iTunes. You can support the artists directly by picking up their music on Bandcamp. For information on the track, new music and more from Cook & Stans, check them out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.