With a healthy dose of Grimes-like attitude and individuality, The Crash by Australian artist Lupa J manages to be both brooding and bouncing in equal measure. The solo producer, singer songwriter and violinist has a very idiosyncratic, laid-back sense of warmth to her vocals that creates some very contradictory emotions.

A touch of desire lies underneath an air of superficial disinterest, one that seems to reflect the complex story behind the lyrics. It’s a song that knows how to fit in, in fact it could be a straightforward pop song if it wanted. Vocally and lyrically, as well as with its rumbling electropop tones, sharp synths and cascading rhythms, it’s a very seductive and slightly unsettling affair.

Lupa J says: “I wrote The Crash just over a year ago now, at a time when the album’s themes were really starting to crystallize for me. Much of Swallow Me Whole is about to untapped query desire demanding to field; presenting itself as an escapist fantasy from a failing long term straight relationship. This track is about how that left me to stand still – longing for something really significant or destructive to happen, so that my situation would be forced to change because I couldn’t do it myself.”

The Crash
can be streamed on Spotify and is available on all major digital outlets – click here for more info. She’s very active on social media too, so be sure to check out her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.