LA duo  Magdalena Bay – Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin – are becoming regular visitors to the blog now, having quickly followed up August’s Venice with the reflective but sublime Good Intentions.

It’s a more upbeat if not clubby track than I’ve come to expect from the California-based duo, the brisk tempo setting the scene for a very danceable three and half minutes of superior electro. The track doesn’t push the bassline or percussion too much though. Instead it lets Tenenbaum and the vocal melody take centre stage, even as the bittersweet chorus and melancholic hooks entrance the listener. With a bit of Grimes and a bit of K-pop bubbling in the mix, it’s sure to put a  smile of your face, even as it triggers some relationship memories of your own.

The duo had this to say about the ideas behind the lyrics of the track: “Good Intentions is a post-breakup song that struggles between visceral reminiscing and detached rationalization. It tries to make sense of and find beauty in the tatters of an ended romance.”

Good Intentions is on now and the track streaming on Spotify and also available for download on iTunes.  For more details on the duo, upcoming live dates and more, be sure to check the duo out over on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.