Music finds inspiration of all sorts of places, and there can often be a tale to tell. Maskinpop main man Bob Nimbe says of Underjord; “It started out as sort of a translated Sisters of Mercy cover but slowly transformed itself into what it is now. The only thing left from Lucretia is the first words of the song which is a direct translation of the intro for Lucretia and I kinda kept it as it was the inspiration for the entire song and theme.”

Lyrically and musically the track is very different from the source material. Underjord has the feel of classic Swedish synthpop combined with politically charged lyrics about the decline of heavy industry in Nimbe’s hometown.

And there’s a subtle Dubmood vibe from the song, as well with Nimbe getting them on board at the demo stage of the track to help bring it to fruition.  You can check out more Maskinpop music over on Spotify!