Based in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Olivia Grace describes her recent single Body as being a ‘painfully honest narrative on broken boundaries surrounding her body and space.’ Intrigued? Then check out the song below.

Bright and breezy without being brash, Grace’s vocals bring an air of deceptive innocence and wonder to a Scandipop meets downtempo sound. There’s more to the song than that, as the lyrics tackle the road to recovery from traumatic events that occur in the life of nearly every woman.

Grace had this to say about the song: “Body is a song I’ve wanted to write for a couple years now, but it took a long time to find the courage. It’s a very personal song for me, surrounding my experiences of sexual assault and harassment.

In a way, writing and releasing Body is helping me to rediscover a power that I felt like I had lost for some time. I’m still healing, but this song is a step in the right direction. I’m still not quite ready to share all of my experiences, but I hope that this song can help someone else who shares these same emotions to feel heard and empowered.”

Body is out now with download and streaming options available via this link. You can catch up with news, releases and more from Olivia Grace by heading over to her official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.