Short and snappy, moody and unsettling, Oh No, Oh Dear by Polly Preacher gives us a flavour of the genre collision we can expect on her upcoming Mother’s Ruin EP.

Its dark, almost gothic take on folk invites comparison with more maverick artists like PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, in that she takes heed of longstanding folk traditions and subjects but creates a sound that is both timeless and fresh.

Layered vocals add an ambience of encroaching fear, that convection that something lies just outside your field of vision that your mind doesn’t want you to see, as the violins and tribal beats deliver an evanescent sense of dread. Something deliciously wicked, this way comes, if Oh No, Oh Dear is anything to go by.

Oh No, Oh Dear is out now via Lucky Listen and can also be streamed on Spotify along with Preacher’s previous releases.