New Music: Queen Zee – Sass or Die

  • New Music: Queen Zee - Sass or Die

Over the last few months we’ve heard an increasing buzz about Queen Zee, with their sound – a riotous mix of punk energy, grunge anger and metal exuberance inspiring fear and devotion in equal measure. Want to see why? Check out the video for Sass or Die to find out.

Founded in Birkenhead, based in Liverpool, but with members also from Leicester and Carlisle, they take are a glorious collision of Turbonegro, Rachel Stamp and Pixies, with dollops of Scouse attitude – and maybe aggression – added for good measure.

Dirty riffs and hedonistic lyrics give a sense of louche abandon, you’ll end up liking it even though you should know better, coming off as the perfect soundtrack for those times when that one drink with your bad, best friend ends with a taxi ride home at 5am on a school night.

Queen Zee had this to say about the track: “Last year we released a rough B-side version of Sass or Die done in our spare time at the studio. But since then Sass or Die has become much more than a B-side, nothing better captures the essence of Queen Zee than leading line ‘I wanna do this for the rest of my life’. So, we were decided to give the recording the love it deserved, and soundtrack your summer with it.”

Sass or Die is out now on the band’s own label, Sasstone Records – you can hear this and more of their music on Soundcloud and Spotify. Upcoming live dates include Standon Calling, Liverpool International Music Festival and Wychwood festival.

They’ll be appearing at Liverpool Pride on 28th July and the infamous Reeperbahn Festival in September.

Not only that, they’re also touring with the wonderful Dream Wife in October, you can get more information on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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