It might only be her second single (following on from What Kind Of Woman) but Spirit Now Moves shows a real sense of maturity in the soft rock sound of Leeds-based Ruthie. Watch the official video for the track, we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

The solo project Naomi Baguley, Ruthie references to styles of artists such as Joni Mitchell in her Laurel Canyon, confessional Americana-infused rock melodies. But for some of us, her voice will be a pleasant echo of the late Kirsty McColl.

With that feeling of wilful individuality, and a vocal style and delivery that sounds almost conspiratorial and conversational, it’s like you’re having a private moment with a trusted friend as they share secrets and feelings.

Spirit Now Moves, which Ruthie says reflects ‘upon the challenges of moving on from heartache as she left Berlin for a new beginning back home in Leeds’ is out now. Check here out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as she’s planning to take Ruthie on the road in the coming months.