New Music: Safe Talk – Mimic

It’s not so long ago that we featured the prolific David Harks in his solo guise, this time he’s back with his band Safetalk and their new track Mimic. I think the track has a slightly darker ambiance to it that previous releases, what do you think?

Harks’ slightly processed vocals are in keeping with the overall arrangement of Mimic, giving the track a tone and atmosphere somewhat at odds with the band’s previous singles Universal and Gold of the Highest. Where those two songs were more focussed on empowering an actualising the self, Mimic looks outward, reflecting lyrically on the world around us and our role in making it a better place.

The band has described Mimic as ‘a psychic call to arms against the forces that seek to limit and contain us …  (which) takes aim at those who seek to build walls around both our hearts and minds and our physical selves … a rallying cry to speak up and demand change’. The lyrics channel not anger, but positivity in the face of adversity and resistance to change.

Having self-released their first 2 singles, the Anglo-French trio are now releasing Mimic on Splinter, the new label set up by former Ed Banger artist, Vicarious Bliss. Mimic is out now, download and streaming details can be found here.

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